The history of smog and its harmful effects

Women in regions with greater than average PM2. Other hydrocarbon VOCs are also significant greenhouse gases because of their role in creating ozone and prolonging the life of methane in the atmosphere.

Smog has serious negative effects on people, plants, and animals. Individual reactions to air pollutants depend on the type of pollutant a person is exposed to, the degree of exposure, and the individual's health status and genetics.

Water and Air Pollution

This would effectively reduce the emissions of smog causing chemicals, and result in clearer, healthier air around urban centers. Five groups of people are especially vulnerable to the effects of breathing ozone: Inmore than half of the carbon monoxide emitted into our atmosphere was from vehicle traffic and burning one gallon of gas will often emit over 20 pounds of carbon monoxide into the air.

What is Smog?

Human activities, such as the burning of fossil fuels in vehicles, power plants and various industrial processes also generate significant amounts of aerosols. Though its use has now been banned in many countries, the extensive use of asbestos in industrial and domestic environments in the past has left a potentially very dangerous material in many localities.

Historically, there has been little or no regulation of hazardous waste disposal in developing nations; as the world becomes more of a global community, however, this problem will no doubt haunt future generations. The disaster, which created a 3,square-mile oil slick, instantly killed hundreds of thousands of birds, fish and other wildlife and devastated the area for years afterward.

Currently, automobile manufacturers are under pressure to produce more environmentally friendly vehicles. Industries equally emit scores of gaseous emissions and fumes which leads to smog formation.

California's Air Pollution Causes Asthma, Allergies and Premature Births

Minor air pollutants include: Methane is an extremely efficient greenhouse gas which contributes to enhanced global warming. Historical disasters The world's worst short-term civilian pollution crisis was the Bhopal Disaster in India. Rather, they form in the air when primary pollutants react or interact.

Coal and Air Pollution

On this basis, it may prevent the driver or flight controller from reading important signs or signals thereby increasing the probability of road accidents or even plane crash.

The use of natural gas to power both industrial boilers and processes and the generation of electricity can significantly improve the emissions profiles for these two sectors. Land Pollution At the beginning of the twentieth century, William T.

In this study, the association was higher for non-smokers than smokers. Inin an effort to reduce air pollution, the U. One response to the Valdez disaster was the passage of the Oil Pollution Act, which, among other things, required oil tankers to be double-hulled, and gave states more say in their spill-prevention standards.

Is ‘electrosmog’ harming our health?

Smog interferes with natural visibility and irritates the eyes. For instance, coal induced smog has been widely experienced in London up to the middle ages of the 20th century.

Spina bifida — a condition depicting malformations of the spinal column, and anencephaly — underdevelopment or absence or only part of the brain are birth defects associated with smog exposure. Nitrogen oxides NOx — Nitrogen oxides, particularly nitrogen dioxideare expelled from high temperature combustion, and are also produced during thunderstorms by electric discharge.

Auto emissions also increase the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which in turn contribute to global warming. In several human experimental studies, using a well-validated exposure chamber setup, DE has been linked to acute vascular dysfunction and increased thrombus formation.

The Rio Accord, and the Kyoto Protocol call for a reduction in greenhouse gases emissions but little progress has been made as the United States, a major generator of greenhouse gases, never signed the treaty and President George W.

Who is more vulnerable to die from ozone air pollution. Schematic drawing, causes and effects of air pollution: Due to its location in a highland "bowl", cold air sinks down onto the urban area of Mexico Citytrapping industrial and vehicle pollution underneath, and turning it into the most infamously smog-plagued city of Latin America.

However, water pollution is still a problem.

Air pollution

A more recent example was the Palace of Westminsterwhich was cleaned in the s. This air pollution includes: Mercury: Coal plants are responsible for 42 percent of US mercury emissions, a toxic heavy metal that can damage the nervous, digestive, and immune systems, and is a serious threat to the child development.

Future Shock. For Californians who live, work and breathe in the state’s industrial zones, the future is already here. The disastrous health effects they experience from pollution are a preview of what will happen everywhere as climate change becomes a routine fact of life, and as the planet gets hotter, carbon levels continue to climb and air quality.

Smog is harmful and it is evident from the components that form it and effects that can happen from it. It is harmful to humans, animals, plants and the nature as a whole. Many people deaths were recorded, notably those relating to bronchial diseases.

The Great Smog of darkened the streets of London and killed approximately 4, people in the short time of 4 days (a further 8, died from its effects in the following weeks and months). Initially a flu epidemic was blamed for the loss of life. Nov 06,  · Watch video · A few years earlier, insevere industrial air pollution created a deadly smog that asphyxiated 20 people in Donora, Pennsylvania, and made 7, more sick.

Acid rain, first discovered in the. Wikipedia defines smog as, “Smog is a type of air word “smog” was coined in the early 20th century as a portmanteau of the words smoke and fog to refer to smoky fog, its opacity, and odour.

The history of smog and its harmful effects
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