The advantages and disadvantages of civil disobedience and uncivil disobedience

People in these protests are not allowed to use physics force or violence to get their point across, the point of it is for the government to hear what your saying but not having violence add any negative press to the matter. May create more crime.

Inequality between men and women; ruler and ruled; warriors and non warriors; food produce…rs and non food producers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pressure Groups, Petitions, and Civil Disobedience

Because of this, it may sometimes give those who signed the petition false hope, when in reality, nothing will occur to change that issue at that point in time.

The Cons of Civil Disobedience 1. An inexperienced lawyer may not get you a fair settlement. Tweet on Twitter Civil disobedience is a nonviolent form of protest. The disadvantages are that a jury is made of people may not understand the problem.

Even if there is some result, it takes a long time for a civil disobedience movement to have any impact.

Benefits/Drawbacks towards Civil Disobedience?

All three have both advantages and disadvantages, and all three have been used multiple times in the past and present. She was tired of being discriminated because of the colour of her skin so she decided to sit in an area of the theatre where people of colour were not allowed.

Thousands marched to the sea and withdrew bowls of water which were left to evaporate in the sun. Civil disobedience is when people will come together to stand up against the government in a vocal protest usually out in a public place.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of civil disobedience?

Counter the Argument its not just to "pick and choose" as you please to obey the laws you like and break those you don't rules I may be morally entitled -- even obliged, in some instances -- to disobey rules my society accepts which are not moral, i.

The previous answer is apalling- do not copy it, you will fail. If you are in a car wreck or a factory pollutes your land, you can sue for damages and get money to take care of your problems. By working to change the hearts and minds of others, it becomes possible to remove unwanted requirements.

No one is left behind The Civil War's advantage was that the issue of slavery was finallydealt with, and slavery was abolished. It's a matter of reciprocity if someone [habitually] violates the agreement then we are entitled to do likewise -- act inconsiderately of their interests -- in return justification of punishment serves to enforce the primary rules -- the basic job of society it is permissible to punish the rule breaker because they have violated the fundamental condition of reciprocity why certain duties -- to lay down your life for strangers, e.

Many people who act in civil disobedience break laws in order to protest something. Civil Disobedience requires a good Justification: An example of the former would be the salt march that Gandhi organized in India. They bring people who are likeminded and share the same interest and ideas for change together.

The drawback is that protesters risk jail or other punishment for their actions. There are 3 main ways that we can get the governments attention, the 3 main ways are; Pressure Groups, Petitions, and Civil Disobedience. If conducted safely, it can draw some much needed attention to an issue at hand.

Why is is reasonable for us to follow the moral rules. The fundamental rights or civil rights of most democratic countries in the world allow the citizens to engage in peaceful protests. The advantages of civil disobedience are that in most cases, it is the most effective way to make change because those stories make the news and gain publicity and awareness for what they are fighting for.

Civil disobedience has been used by the likes of Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. Yes morality has an objective basis. It draws attention to the issue. Here are the civil obedience pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Civil Disobedience

The main benefit of civil disobedience is that the people who practice it are demonstrating against what they perceive as an unfair law. The good thing about pressure groups is that it brings passionate and like-minded people together to fight for something they strongly believe in.

They are a great way to rise public awareness of matters affecting peoples interests and causes. The Civil Rights Movement took years to achieve gains for equality.

In many nations, civil disobedience can be performed without breaking additional laws. The morally binding rules are those needed or social living obviously: Civil disobedience is a legal way to protest. The disadvantage of civil disobedience is that in some cases, things can get out of hand and people resort to violence and riots.

Pressure groups can help the government seek what the public wants through protest, if well organised and influential they can change the law. What are the advantages and disadvantages of civil marriage?. The pros and cons of civil disobedience are a combination of action and patience.

Just going out and burning down a building to say it could be done is a lot different. Civil disobedience rests, as Henry David Thoreau thought, on what are the obligations, of a member of the public, when an unjust situation or law is happening or in force?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pressure Groups, Petitions and Civil Disobedience

History repeats itself and so far throughout history there has been a lot of reforms on how the government governs and society in general. These changes has been due to the strategies of uncivil and civil disobedience. Civil disobedience is when a group breaks the law in order to achieve a.

civil disobedience movement advantages n disadvantages. what is civil disobedience movevemnt

Oct 04,  · Best Answer: Civil disobedience can force governments to deal with issues that are important to the people. It can also distract governments from real Resolved. Civil disobedience is a form of civil resistance.

It is also a form of protest. However the acts of civil disobedience must be distinguished from typical cases of crime and acts of civil rebellion.

Under the leadership of Gandhiji, the Civil Disobedience Movementwas launched in AD It began with the Dandi March. On 12 MarchGandiji with some of his followers left the Sabarmati Ashram at Ahmedabad and made their way towards Dandi, a village on the west coast of India/5(7).

The advantages and disadvantages of civil disobedience and uncivil disobedience
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of civil disobedience