Compare and contrast father and son relationship between the son s veto and the fly in the ointment

Michael's motivation is to redeem his father as a great man, as an equal of the great civilized men of history. It is interesting how the magical and the realistic combine in many heroic legends.

A Father/Son Relationship Essay

It was kill, or be killed, and Michael's perceptions of how the world operated was undoubtedly influenced by his experiences in the war, just as Vito's operations were influenced by the time he grew up and lived in.

To save Jason, Medea wrote her brother, saying that she had been abducted and that if he would meet her in a clandestine spot she would return the fleece and go home with him. In Sicily, when Michael falls in love with Appolonia, he opens an emotionally vulnerable side of himself to her.

The fact that he refused to trade in narcotics, despite the lucrative nature of this trade, results in an attack on him by Don Sollozzo, a mobster much younger than Corleone and probably only slightly older than Michael at the time who wants to trade in narcotics.

Also, all the comments about Old World vs.

His mother and he have a very good relationship. Carlo was both a brother-in-law and a member of the crime family, and he betrayed Vito and set him up to be murdered. This was an old family joke.

He didn't really grow up in a more innocent time. And finally Michael, who has his ruthlessness and his calculating mind, but is cold and dispassionate, leading to his downfall.

This would bring conflict into the relationship of a father and a son. Create a category, make a post, join the fun. In fact King Aeetes threatened to mutilate the Agronauts, but Jason answered him softly, promising to undertake any tasks he should set. Michael is a thoughtful, introverted person who is not especially interested in other people, and does not form strong emotional attachments to others.

But I think overall your point stands. Would Vito have had his own brother-in-law and brother killed. There is one similarity between the stories. However, Jason began casting his eyes about for a more suitable mate. However, his father, King Aegeus, had taken in Medea after she escaped Jason, and had fathered sons by her.

Tom is the one who truly embodies the "it's only business" aspect of it. Theseus' son Hippolytus grew to manhood as an expert huntsman in the service of Artemis. Pelias had learned from an oracle that he himself would die because of a kinsman, and that he must beware of any stranger wearing a single sandal.

The journey would take them past Troy, up the Hellespont, through the Bosphorus, and all the way to the eastern shores of the Black Sea, where Colchis was located. One clubbed them to death with an iron cudgel.

In both the movie and book the idea that it's "business, not personal" is repeated several times, but at a key point in the book, Michael says "It's all personal" contradicting his earlier statements. But I think that after the car bomb he treated love as weakness.

Not only was Medea lovely, she was skilled in sorcery. I've never taken Michael at his word for that. It's time for the Best Post Contest. The bandits were rather inventive in their means of murdering travelers.

There was the outer face like a soft warm and careless daub of innocent sealing-wax and inside it, as if thumbed there by a seal, was a much smaller one, babyish, shrewd, scared and hard. Sonny, who has his strength and passion, but is rash and too quick to act, leading to his downfall. I think, though, that Michael's coldness and dispassion weren't inherent, but began to develop after the attempt on Vito's life.

The only thing that the two boys in the story have in common is that they are sons and have mothers. Fredo, who has his kind heart, but is weak and easily manipulated, leading to his downfall.

As he grew older Theseus found little to take pleasure in. Perhaps someone can correct me on that. There were different values then. It is his greed that has led him to swindle and cheat people along the way, and it is his greed that At this Theseus felt an instant affection for him, and the two became close friends.

Not to mention the whole horse's head thing. She had worked for him in his country house; she was below his station, but she had been injured while caring for his home, to the extent that she would never be able to walk and earn her keep. On his own initiative he aided the unfortunate, forcing the city of Thebes to allow the burial of its dead enemies, befriending the blind and exiled Oedipus, and welcoming the bloodstained Heracles to Athens when no one else would have him.

Father-Son Relationship. brother and sister, mother and daughter, or in this case, father and son. In the Arthur Miller's novel, Death of A Salesman, the interaction between Willy Loman and his sons, Happy and Biff, allows Miller to comment on father-son relationships and the conflicts that arise from.

Two of Washington’s closest aides were Hamilton and John Laurens, the son of South Carolina gentry whose father served as president of the Continental Congress. strongly affected their relationship. Jefferson’s political ideas could be simplistic.

He hated monarchy. “This exactly marks the difference between Colonel Hamilton's. Compare and contrast the father-son relationships in "The Fly in the Ointment" by V.S. Pritchett and "The Custody of The Pumpkin" by P.G. Wodehouse. Thomas Hardy's, "The Son's Veto," and "The Fly in the Ointment" by V.S.

Pritchett both tell stories of a young man and his parent. However, the role each "boy" assumes in the story is very different. A Father and Son Relationship.

Life in the s was a very male-dominant time. The father was the head of the house and his work was passed on to his sons. A solid relationship between a father and his sons was essential to sustaining a strong household. If the relationship began to decline, the whole family collapsed.

- Father and Son Relationship in William Shakespeare's Henry IV and V Shakespeare deals with a parent-child relationship in the historical plays of Henry IV Parts One and Two in the characters of Henry Bullingsworth (Henry IV) and his son Hal (Prince of Wales, later Henry V).

Compare and contrast father and son relationship between the son s veto and the fly in the ointment
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