Arrow and the apparel industry

As there is high variability in raw materials in addition to the multiple stages of operation, it is hard to precisely control the process parameters to achieve a desired output.

Loyal Group comprises of three composite mills, one spinning mill, one dye house, four garment manufacturing units, one trading cum retailing company and a Joint Venture trading company in Italy. Arvind brand extended the international brands in small towns of India.

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Garment manufacturing involves processes such as conceptualization, design development, PPC, spreading, cutting, bundling, sewing, pressing, and packaging. He expects the turnover to cross Rs crore in the next few years, of which about 15 per cent will be from the licensed non-clothing products.

The CAD software helps in achieving high productivity and improved quality. The revenue in this case represents the entire booking volume. Similarly, AI can be applied in all the stages of garment production such as preproduction, production, and postproduction operations.

The automation of various instruments by the application of AI in spreading, cuttingsewing, and material handling can reduce the production cost and minimize faults.

In Marchthe Bangalore plant could produce stain-repellant shirts based on nanotechnology. Arrow today has the largest network of 64 exclusive outlets across India.

The use of AI can resolve these issues, which can be used for recipe prediction; process control during dyeing and printing; color matching; and evaluation of the final dyed or printed fabric. This usually refers to pressing, final inspection and bagging, and one or more of these process can be performed by the manufacturer or the sub-contractor.

AI can provide superior solutions to various problems due to its heuristic and intelligent characteristics. The fabrics are selected based on the type of the garment and their end use applications. Over the last two decades or so, fashion retailing has become one of the most competitive retail sectors due to technological advancements and behavioral changes of consumers toward fast fashion.

Arrow eyes over 20% sales growth in 4-5 years

The conditions inside with good lighting on the workbenches, high ceilings, ample elbow room for each worker and plenty of ventilation, were a decided contrast to the poky, crowded and confined sweatshops characterising the usual Indian apparel factory in those days.

Several two dimensional 2D patterns are prepared for a garment, which are the basic blocks of a 3D garment. In manufacturing the seamless garments, AI can be used to detect faults online. Tags International Business Case Studies, Management Case Studies, MBA Case Studies, Solved Case Studies, The Economy of Kenya 'Arrow and the apparel industry: Solved Case Study Q1.

Arrow Electronics

How Shimmy is transforming the apparel industry with artificial intelligence Why a manufacturing technologist wants to upend the apparel industry with data and AI. In conclusion, the success of a product in any industry and especially in the textile/apparel industry is determined by the interaction and integration of value, time, cost and quality.

Arrow’s first plant, with a 55, sq. ft. area and capacity to make 3, to 4, shirts a day, was established at Bangalore in with an investment of Rs 18 crore. Arrow's first plant, with a 55, sq.

Top 10 Leading Garment Manufacturers in India (2018)

ft. area and capacity to make 3, to 4, shirts a day, was established at Bangalore in with an investment of Rs.

Arrow Electronics

18 crores. Nov 27,  · The BTS of apparel industry – the factory, production methods, shopfloor management, the workers’ side of the story, training programs and compliances.

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Accord hints at sourcing squeeze for RMG makers if it departs. by Apparel.

Arrow and the apparel industry
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