An analysis of the characters of achilles and diomedes in the iliad an epic poem by homer

Despite the misgivings of his wife, Andromachethe Trojan hero, Hectorson of King Priamchallenges the Greek warrior-hero Ajax to single combat, and is almost overcome in battle. Agamemnon is wounded in the battle and, despite the heroics of AjaxHector successfully breaches the fortified Greek camp, wounding Odysseus and Diomedes in the process, and threatens to set the Greek ships on fire.

The entire poem has a formal rhythm that is consistent throughout making it easier to memorize and yet varied slightly from line to line preventing it from being monotonous. Get Access The Iliad: He calls for an assembly of the entire army.

The heroic code said that the highest honor could only be worn in battle; hunting and athletics, two other heroic activities, could only win the hero an inferior honor.

This scene shows that Achilles wants all the glory; he wants to be the man known for killing numerous strong enemies, including the great Hector. Patroclus charges into the battle and fights bravely at the gates of the city. It should be noted that Achilles does not leave the Achaian army without sufficient reason: His selfishness and arrogance aside, according to the heroic code, Achilles is the greatest and most formidable hero in The Iliad.

The entirety of the heroic code was very independent, in that it focused on rewarding the accomplishments of the individual. The heroic code was a strict morality that dealt with matters relating to honor and integrity in battle.

They do not fall to ruin out of ignorance, but instead become tragic figures who go knowingly to their doom because they have no real choice.

Homer appears both to abhor war and to glorify it. Diomedes and Odysseus volunteer.

Many Trojans and many Greeks lose their lives that day, because of the foolhardiness of Pandarus. Diomedes and Odysseus are wounded and many warriors are killed. Patroclus goes to his friend Achilles and again pleads with him to return to the fight. Achilles just did what he needed to do to get respected and honored, and that is fight.

Amid the wailing of all the Trojan women he comes from the gates to meet the Greek warrior, who is understood to be completely invincible. It could be argued that the heroic code was the most important code or law to the Homeric heroes.

He is undermining the little harmony that does exist.

Hector loves his wife Andromache and his son, Astyanax, dearly. He is a complex warrior who sometimes ignores the cultural norms of his society because he sees through some of its fallacies — in particular, he sees many of the faults in the often narrow and contradictory heroic code.

All night long the men arm themselves in battle array, making ready their horses and their ships. In Book VI, Hector shares a tender moment with his family as he is about to return to fighting and Andromache begs him not to go: The Iliad certainly contains strong female characters.

Iliad Analysis

Achilles is a greater fighter than anyone of his time; he was strong, intelligent, brave, and good with every weapon, be it the spear, the sword, or the bow. As the ten year war reaches its climax, even the gods join in the battle and the earth shakes with the clamour of the combat.

Once again the walls are breached and the Trojans storm toward the ships, eager to set fire to them. Andromache helps to make Hector a sympathetic character and provides the stimulus for his speech in Book 6 about the fate of Troy.

The Iliad is an epic poem and part of the ancient Greek oral tradition. Homer’s audience was an illiterate culture, and Homer himself was most likely illiterate. Many critics believe that the.

Although this mission ultimately fails, it provides Homer with the occasion to develop the character of Achilles, giving an important context to his decision to abandon the war effort.

Finally, Nestor proposes to have Patroclus fight in Achilles’ place wearing his armor. Essay on Achilles as the Hero of Homer’s Iliad Words | 7 Pages. Achilles as the Hero of Homer’s Iliad When Homer lived, the stature of a hero was measured by the yardstick of fighting ability.

In Homer's Iliad, the character of Achilles represents the epitome of the Greek 'heroic code'. The Iliad: Literary Analysis Throughout The Iliad, an epic poem written by Homer, there were numerous warriors and other characters that could be looked upon as heroes; some of these heroes included Achilles, Ajax, Diomedes, Hector, and Glaucus.

- Analysis of Epic Poems An epic poem is a long poem that tells a story about heroes. The Iliad is a great epic poem written by Homer in the 8th century BC, reflecting on events that occurred around BC during the time of the Olympian religion.

The Ancient Greek epic poem The Iliad by Homer tells of the Trojan War with Achaeans on one side and Trojans on the other. The greatest Achaean hero was Achilles.

An analysis of the characters of achilles and diomedes in the iliad an epic poem by homer
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