A short analysis of faulkners story the sound and the fury

It is told from the perspective of Benjy, who is severely retarded, and consists mostly of sensual impressions blended with memories. Because of the staggering complexity of this section, it is often the one most extensively studied by scholars of the novel.


They will also find the experience more rewarding. He goes so far as to blackmail Caddy into making him Miss Quentin's sole guardian, then uses that role to steal the support payments that Caddy sends for her daughter.

A Jungian Analysis of The Sound and the Fury: Faulkner and the Four Functions

The second section, June 2,focuses on Quentin CompsonBenjy's older brother, and the events leading up to his suicide.

This novel not only began to bring Faulkner to the attention of the literary public, but it also inaugurated a period of extraordinary creativity which was to last about a decade and a half. The two fight, with Quentin losing disgracefully and Caddy vowing, for Quentin's sake, never to speak to Dalton again.

Are you reading it for enjoyment. Over the course of the 30 years or so related in the novel, the family falls into financial ruin, loses its religious faith and the respect of the town of Jefferson, and many of them die tragically.

For instance, he meets a small Italian immigrant girl who speaks no English. This desire is made evident by his bad investments in cotton, which become symbolic of the financial decline of the south. Other crucial memories in this section are Benjy's change of name from Maury, after his uncle in upon the discovery of his disability; the marriage and divorce of Caddyand Benjy's castrationresulting from an attack on a girl that is alluded to briefly within this chapter when a gate is left unlatched and Benjy is out unsupervised.

Miss Quentin steals the money that Jason IV has embezzled from her together with the rest of his savings to run away with a circus performer. If the sense of a passage seems unclear, it is best to simply read on so as not to interrupt the flow of images and ideas.

The novel centers on the Compson familyformer Southern aristocrats who are struggling to deal with the dissolution of their family and its reputation. Compson; his sister, Caddy; his niece, Miss Quentin. Quentin is preparing to go to Harvard, and Mr.

Has an almost animal-like "sixth sense" about people, as he was able to tell that Caddy had lost her virginity just from her smell. The best way to read The Sound and the Fury is to devote a session to each section. Quentin is at Harvard, and has decided to commit suicide.

His early manhood was spent in a series of jobs, from delivering mail to shoveling coal. Dilsey's entry, the final in the appendix, consists of two words: This confusion is due to Quentin's severe depression and deteriorating state of mindand Quentin is therefore arguably an even more unreliable narrator than his brother Benjy.

It is near-unanimously considered a masterpiece by literary critics and scholars, but the novel's unconventional narrative style frequently alienates new readers. He received mediocre grades in most subjects but flunked English. A story told in four chapters, by four different voices, and out of chronological order, The Sound and the Fury requires intense concentration and patience to interpret and understand.

Caddy loses her virginity and becomes pregnant. He supports his mother, Benjy, and Miss Quentin Caddy's daughteras well as the family's servants.

The appendix also reveals the fate of Caddy, last seen in the novel when her daughter Quentin is still a baby. Caddy is the only family member who shows any genuine love towards him.

Pregnant and alone, Caddy then marries Herbert Head, whom Quentin finds repulsive, but Caddy is resolute:. The Sound and the Fury consists of four sections, linked by a common set of characters and themes. Each might be read as an autonomous work. They all tell episodes in the decline of the Compson.

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The Sound and the Fury is William Faulkner's fourth novel. It was published in The novel tells the story of the Compson family and the loss of their once-respected position in Southern society.

Inhowever, when Faulkner's sixth novel, Sanctuary, was published—a sensationalist story, which Faulkner later claimed was written only for money—The Sound and the Fury also became commercially successful, and Faulkner began to receive critical attention. Listen to Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner at janettravellmd.com The Sound and the Fury cycles through the first-person narratives of three Compson children as they remember their childhood, and mourn the loss of their sister Caddy.

Benjy, the first narrator of the novel, is mentally-handicapped and the youngest son of the family. A story told in four chapters, by four different voices, and out of chronological order, The Sound and the Fury requires intense concentration and patience to interpret and understand.


The first three chapters of the novel consist of the convoluted thoughts, voices, and memories of the three Compson brothers, captured on three different days.

A short analysis of faulkners story the sound and the fury
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