A comparison of the campaigns of president bush and senator kerry

He opposed privatizing Social Security accounts. Opposes granting immunity to gun makers. The election took place on November 2, and ended with Bush gaining electoral votes and Kerry garnering electoral votes.

Weaver first grew close to Mr. Many nations refuse extradition requests, on humanitarian grounds, if the suspect faces execution. This event was in Washington, D. In an interview with National Public Radio in FebruaryKerry endorsed equal rights for same-sex couples, but commented that "the word marriage kind of gets in the way of the whole debate," because of the religious origin of marriage as being limited to male-female unions.

Guns[ edit ] Kerry is a gun owner and hunter. Dean finished second, Clark came in third, and Edwards placed fourth. He has not taken a firm position on civil unions, saying he would leave the issue up to the states.

Was that a carefully disguised shot at the President from a former rival. Reynolds, a former partner with Bush in the Texas Rangers baseball team, gave up his cushy assignment as ambassador to Switzerland to be the national finance chairman for the Bush-Cheney campaign.

In Ohio, Kerry trailed byvotes not including provisional ballots. And because they're making a good living, they're hiring people. Has promised a day review of all existing U. Presidential nomination in We'll reduce the regulations.

Key Players in Bush, Kerry Campaigns

Kerry to stay on offense, because Mr. The keynote address at the convention was delivered by Illinois State Senator and future president Barack Obama ; the speech was well received, and it elevated Obama's status within the Democratic Party.

In the first of the U. The Uniformed Firefighters Association of Greater New Yorkrepresenting 20, active and retired firefighters, endorsed the President on August 31, Kerry's full statement before casting his resolution vote After the President launched the U. Kucinich did not leave the race officially until July.

As he has consistently voted against the positions of the National Rifle Associationin he was given a performance rating of F, their lowest rating. The incident may have ended up helping Bush by creating doubts about the legitimacy of his detractors. Kerry proposed border enforcement reformation and an increase of border enforcement funding.

Late this afternoon, both President Bush and Sen. He says he regularly seeks guidance from God and opposes movements to remove religion from public life.

We spent Thanksgiving weekend with them at their cabin. Although these four spots three in English and one in Spanish contained no reference to Senator Kerry, two one in English and the one in Spanish, both titled, "Safer, Stronger" generated controversy for their inclusion of four seconds of images drawn from the aftermath of the September 11, attacksincluding the wreckage of the World Trade Center siteimages of New York firefighters the New York firefighters' union supported Kerryand the image of a flag-draped coffin being carried out of the attack site.

And I will stop at absolutely nothing to hunt down, capture or kill the terrorists wherever they are, whatever it takes. While Kennedy had to demonstrate his independence from the Roman Catholic Church due to public fear that a Catholic president would make decisions based on Vatican commands, it seemed that Kerry, in contrast, had to show obedience to Catholic authorities in order to win votes.

Bush pushed for BioWatch program, a multi-billion dollar plan to protect against biological and chemical terrorism threats. Cahill and Shrum were known for disagreeing on how the campaign should be run. Heading into the primaries, Kerry's campaign was largely seen as being in trouble, particularly after he fired campaign manager Jim Jordan.

Louis with Charles Gibson moderating. Kerry wants first responders to be held to a set of national benchmarks for preparedness. Kerry has advocated expanding the COPS program to placepolice officers in community policing assignments.

Throughout his Senate career, Kerry was also a staunch critic of many foreign policy initiatives of Republican Presidents. He still looks a little wan from the nine rounds of chemotherapy over 16 months.

Americans will not be intimidated or influenced by an enemy of our country. In the first of the U. Late this afternoon, both President Bush and Sen.

George W. Bush presidential campaign, 2004

Kerry spoke about the bin Laden tape. The president was in Toledo, Ohio. The senator was in West Palm Beach, Florida. John Kerry Campaign Buttons.

Bush vs. Kerry at a glance

Welcome to the Senator John Kerry section on janettravellmd.com Listed is a large selection of campaign buttons from Senator John Kerry's run for the White House as the Democratic Party nominee.

On February 1, John Kerry was sworn in as Secretary of State for President Barack. On September 20, the Bush campaign and the Kerry campaign jointly released a memorandum of understanding between the two campaigns.

The page MOU covered in minute detail many aspects of the staging and format for the presidential and vice-presidential debates.

John Kerry presidential campaign, 2004

Critics have argued that the crux of Bush's campaign was the suggestion that John Kerry would be soft on terrorism in comparison to George Bush, and to present Bush as a "war President".

They also claim that the Bush campaign is concerned mainly with personalities rather than tackling ideological janettravellmd.comation: Republican Party. Apr 20,  · Senator John Kerry attacked the Bush administration on Monday for what he called ''a secret deal'' with Saudi Arabia to cut oil prices in time to help the president in the November election.

The presidential campaign of John Kerry, the long-time U.S. Senator from Massachusetts who would eventually become the U.S. Secretary of State nine years later, began when he formed an exploratory committee on December 1,

A comparison of the campaigns of president bush and senator kerry
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